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Attack on Titan, Season 1 Buddy Review (No Spoilers!)


“On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.”

Attack on Titan wastes no time knocking mankind straight to the bottom of the food chain, by introducing us to gigantic, humanoid monsters known as the Titans. What’s left of humanity gets by living inside of enormous walls that are both their shelter and their prison. To venture outside of the walls or to even ask too many questions about the world outside is forbidden to the general populace. The only hope one has of getting outside the walls is to become part of the scout regiment of the military, but it also means you’ll be first in line to go up against any roaming titans. It isn’t the sort of job most people would want to sign up for, but it is exactly what young Eren Jaeger dreams of, much to the dismay of his family. Dreams of adventure with his childhood friends Armin and Mikasa soon darken into a hunger for revenge after Titans break through the walls and change their lives forever.

Now that you know a bit about the plot, let’s get into a good old fashioned Q&A:



1. What was your initial reaction to the series?

Sugar: I was blown away. The cruel introduction we get to the world the characters are living in pulls zero punches. I feel like a lot of shows I get into don’t grab me by the first episode alone, and AoT managed to do just that.

Scream: I was pretty instantly creeped out by the titans. Which means I was instantly into it. I don’t get the creeps easily but these fuckers….


2. What do you think of the world the story takes place in?

Sugar: I’d hate to live there, but I love to watch the mayhem that happens there. I like how we get to learn more about the Titans right along with the characters, and I think the methods for combating the Titans is really interesting and well-thought-out.

Scream: I thought it was a very original idea and I feel like those can be few and far in between, so it definitely sets itself apart from other stories.


3. Favorite characters?

Sugar: I would have to say my favorite is probably Levi, because he’s so moody and such a badass, all while having compassion for his fellow soldiers (most of the time, anyway). I honestly like pretty much everybody, though. Lots of great personalities and complex characters in this series.

Scream: Eren, I find his uncontrollable emotions make things so much more interesting. Mikasa, I love because she’s just so lethal and Armin because he’s the smarty pants. There isn’t really anyone I don’t like in this season. Annie-bananie was too much emo kid for me though.


4. Would you rather live in a world overrun by zombies or titans?

Sugar: Yikes, that’s a tough call. I think if they were the classic slow, shambling zombies I’d take my chances with them over the Titans.

Scream: Oooof. Zombies. I feel like I stand a credible chance against them. I would die by titan laughing at their stupid creepy runs.


5. Would you recommend this series to other people?

Sugar: Absolutely! I would, and I have. Many, many times. And honestly, everyone I know who has watched it has enjoyed it. Hint hint. 😉

Scream: YES. Maybe not if violence and gore make you squeamish though.


By our powers combined we declare this anime a MUST WATCH! If you like monstrously good mayhem, political intrigue, twists and turns galore, and even a little bit of humor to lighten up some of the darkness going on, this series should be your cup of tea. Even people who haven’t dabbled much in anime tend to enjoy it, so we suggest at the very least giving the first episode a chance. Things will only get more and more interesting and intense from that point on, so be prepared to be ravenous for more with every episode.



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6 thoughts on “Attack on Titan, Season 1 Buddy Review (No Spoilers!)

    1. So they’re kind of like zombies except giant, not dead but still totally eat people. :3 The titans are super creepy. I did my own titan run at Moth this past weekend and she did not like it. Lmao.


      1. LMFAO I was not naked. I was not that committed to the part lol.
        We’ve been friends for 25 years, she’s seen me naked on accident a couple of times lol.


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