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Pride Month Actor Spotlight: Sir Ian McKellen

Ah, the man to transcend genres. Sir Ian Mckellen covers both our science fiction and fantasy bases, he even dabbled in horror a wee bit. The Keep in 1983 and Apt Pupil in 1998. But he is, of course, most well known for playing Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings franchise and Magneto in the X-Men franchise.

And of course, there may be nothing better than his friendship with another legend, Patrick Stewart.

McKellen has been open about his sexuality since 1988 and to this day, champions LGBTQA+ social movements. He co-founded Stonewall UK, which lobbies for legal and social equality.

He is both an incredible actor and an important activist.

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4 thoughts on “Pride Month Actor Spotlight: Sir Ian McKellen

  1. I think it is because I keep seeing news of people attacking the Jewish community, but that quote from Magneto in one of the X-Men movies (can’t remember which one) about never being “marked” again keeps popping into my head. Do you remember it? A younger group of mutants have a bunch of tattoos, and they demand to know where his are. He shows them the number from the Holocaust and says he’ll never be marked again. *shivers* Can I just say those movies are super important?? The ethical issues and laws created to control people of different religions and people with disabilities, the fear of difference — those movies have a big impact and actually say something about humans. I don’t feel the same way about traditional superhero movies, though.

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    1. Yeah, the social commentary is definitely powerful within the X-Men storylines. A lot of people would assume it’s just skin-tight costumes and crazy powers, but there’s definitely a lot more to it than just that. 🙂

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