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Mad Experiments in the Kitchen: Skull and Bone Cookies

What time is it?? Snickerdoodle-Cookies-Made-to-Look-Vaguely-Like-Human-Bones-Time! That’s right, Sugar & Scream proudly present our first baking post for our blog.

When one finds brand new Wilton baking pans at the local thrift shop, they do not question it, they simply buy that shit up immediately. (And then they proceed to procrastinate for YEARS, before actually doing anything with them.) You know, as one does.

For these bone cookies, we used snickerdoodle cookie dough with the cinnamon sugar just mixed directly into the dough rather than having to roll the dough in it. (Can we just talk for a moment about how much EASIER that process was??) Same great taste, way less hassle.

The little skull was just for fun with some left over cookie dough, so please excuse how misshapen and hideous it is. šŸ˜› These Wilton bone-shaped baking pans were so easy to use. Just fill each mold 2/3 of the way full with the cookie dough of your choosing, making sure to press it down evenly, bake as instructed, and then they just pop right out with very little hassle. These pans would also be great for making homemade dog treats!

Since this was a spur of the moment baking experiment, no recipe is needed because a box mix was used (GASP! The Horror! The Horror!)

Published by sugarandscream

Welcome to our little blog of horrors, Sugar & Scream! If you're looking for a monstrously good time, rest assured, you've come to the right place. We're two best friends with a sisterhood forged in the Unholy Trinity that is Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction. When we're not busy devouring books, we're cooking up sinisterly scrumptious baked goods and other delights (and sometimes horrors) in our kitchens. Expect the unexpected, because we like to shake things up. Our blog is its own Frankenstein's Monster of our hobbies and passions all stitched together into one glorious abomination that encompasses everything from what we're reading and watching, to the hobbies we're working on, to our adventures in baking and plenty more!

5 thoughts on “Mad Experiments in the Kitchen: Skull and Bone Cookies

  1. What if someone used to use these pans to make doggie bone-shaped CBD snacks for dogs and sold them at craft fairs? Okay, was that example too specific? Have I noticed CBD dog treats at craft fairs? Yes, yes I have.

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    1. Haha I bet those were selling like crazy! Definitely want to try to make some doggy treats with these pans in the future, but it’s good to know they are good for making tasty human treats too! šŸ˜›

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  2. I love these! Iā€™m excited to find these pans now too. Iā€™d love to make some for Halloween. Plus, the bone would be perfect for dog treats as you say. So cool! Thanks for sharing, and glad it was successful. šŸ˜‰

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