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Please Allow Us to Properly Introduce Ourselves


It’s recently come to our attention that while we previously introduced our blog itself, we haven’t done an actual introduction post for each of us individually, the co-hostesses of Sugar & Scream. Whoopsie.



When we came up with the name Sugar and Scream for our blog we both agreed pretty much instantly which of us should represent the monikers “Sugar” and “Scream” based off of our personalities. 😛 So, without further ado, please allow us to properly introduce ourselves. ❤



Personal Blog: Ignited Moth

Funky hair color enthusiast. Caffeine fiend. Cat mom. Lover of books: writing them, reading them, collecting them, summoning demons from the abyss with them. Drawer of things. Has a questionable google search history but swears it’s just for research for her writing. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it. 😛



Personal Blog: Cupcakes & Machetes

Devourer of books, baked goods, and souls of the damned. Will cut a bitch if they stand between her and her first cup of coffee in the morning. Dog and Cat mom. Has a garage full of saws and other instruments of mayhem that she pinky-promises aren’t for dismembering bodies. 😉


Aaaand, now that we have our little introductions in order, here are some fun bonus questions and answers because WHY NOT?

1.) Who/What first got you into the Horror, Sci Fi, and Fantasy genres?


These three genres were all big in my household as I was growing up. My mom especially enjoys fantasy and horror when it’s more of the gothic supernatural type. My dad likes the more over-the-top and in-your-face kind of horror with a healthy dose of humor thrown in, along with fantasy and science fiction. Even my grandparents had a hand in showing me the way, between their old horror comic collection and introducing me to The Evil Dead. Needless to say, I come by it honestly. 😉


My dad got me into all of the above genres. Sometimes without his knowledge. I was a very sneaky kid and I would sneak downstairs and hide behind the couch and watch whatever he was watching. You would think I would have learned my lesson after being terrified of Chucky but nope. I kept doing it.

2.) What made you want to venture into co-blogging with the other half of Sugar and Scream?

Sugar: I absolutely LOVE geeking out with my best friend about anything and everything, so who better to team up with for a blog on the three big genres we love? There’s no one I’d rather rant and rave with about these things. ❤

Scream: There is literally nothing I would NOT do with my BFF if she asked. Hide the body? Would do it. Jump out of a moving train? Would do it. Fart loudly in public and point at myself when everyone looked? Would do it.


3.) If you could suggest a few movies from the Horror, Sci Fi, and Fantasy genres to the masses, which ones would you pick?


I don’t know why I thought this question was a good idea. I’m the worst at choosing favorites of anything. 😛 Buuut if I had to narrow it down to a few suggestions they would be The Thing (qualifies as either Science Fiction OR Horror), Trick ‘r Treat or Creepshow because they’re just super fun horror anthologies. My Fantasy suggestions would be Legend or Labyrinth. I absolutely love both of them.


Horror movies, my first recommendation is always Dead Alive. I cannot understate how much I love that movie. Fantasy….probably The Nightmare Before Christmas. Science Fiction, the entire original Star Wars movies. 


4.) Same question, but with books/graphic novels.


Horror novel would probably be Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Fantasy novel would have to go to A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin because that book utterly floored me when I first read it in a way not many books have done. Favorite science fiction book . . . I’m going with a science fiction comic series called Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. Other really good comics involving these three genres would be Locke and Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, and Monstress by Marjorie M. Liu and Sana Takeda.


This girl will be the death of me, asking me these questions. Horror: The Six-Gun Tarot by RS Belcher (actually a genre mash-up). Fantasy: The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. Science Fiction: Dune by Frank Herbert. Comics: SAGA by Brian K.Vaughan.


5.) With the Halloween season right around the corner, what horror movies are you most excited to check out this spooky season (new and/or old)?


I am really looking forward to (finally) getting to watch Antlers. It’s been in limbo because of the pandemic for so long and I’m so excited to see it right before Halloween this year. They instantly sold me at “wendigo” and “Guillermo del Toro”, and when I read the short story written by Nick Antosca that the movie is based on I really enjoyed it. 🙂



I just got Shudder back and I’ve been checking out 80’s horror movies that I have missed thus far. Then, I’m going to move onto everything that sounds good since then. So far, I’ve watched Chopping Mall and Sleepaway Camp. ALL THE HORROR MOVIES ALL THE TIME.

What are your personal favorite movies/books/comics in any or all three of the genres we talked about? Do you have any horror movies you’re especially looking forward to this spooky season?


Published by sugarandscream

Welcome to our little blog of horrors, Sugar & Scream! If you're looking for a monstrously good time, rest assured, you've come to the right place. We're two best friends with a sisterhood forged in the Unholy Trinity that is Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction. When we're not busy devouring books, we're cooking up sinisterly scrumptious baked goods and other delights (and sometimes horrors) in our kitchens. Expect the unexpected, because we like to shake things up. Our blog is its own Frankenstein's Monster of our hobbies and passions all stitched together into one glorious abomination that encompasses everything from what we're reading and watching, to the hobbies we're working on, to our adventures in baking and plenty more!

8 thoughts on “Please Allow Us to Properly Introduce Ourselves

  1. OMG, you’re both so cute and I’m so happy I know you two! For a horror/fantasy comic series, I’d choose Preacher. Those hillbillies, oof. And Arseface? Yeah. For a scary novel, I’ve always thought Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier was really creepy. I’ve heard, though, that a lot of folks have a visceral, awful reaction to American Psycho, which I’ve not read. As for movies….Hmmm…I’ll watch over and over Dawn of the Dead (the Zac Snyder version) as well as Crawl (which just makes me happy). Repulsion (1965) is excellent, too. I love Bride of Chucky, but a lot of that is because it is so 90s and makes me feel at home. I don’t read a ton of science fiction. If anything, sci-fi movies and books are often too scary for me because they seem so real. Something with outer space and parasite or face clinger or clone shifter-thingy, or even just RUNNING OUT OF AIR. I guess I’m terrified of space sci-fi. My favorite fantasy series is The Descent by S.M. Reine. I was SO INVOLVED in that series when I read it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And I met him when he did a reading at the University of Notre Dame. Seriously, just the kindest, most gentle dude. I think the horror he comes up with stems from his background in the Mormon church (he was even a leader person, whatever they’re called in Mormonism). He was fired from BYU. There’s stuff like not believing in doctors, physical punishment for wrongdoings, and then there’s loads of psychological stuff that, I think, stems from Evenson’s background in French theory, which sounds like a snooze but is very Hitchcock.

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    1. We’re so happy to know you too! ❤ These are all great choices! I love space stuff, still not sure if I would want to go to space though. I THINK Sugar may have read Preacher, not entirely sure. We'll have to check with her, but it does sound very interesting. Might have to go on my TBR list. -Scream

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