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What Horror Films Started It All?


We were recently given the wonderful suggestion by none other than the fabulous Grab the Lapels to share what horror films we remember watching first. This was too fun of an idea not to post about, so let’s dive in, shall we?


I started watching horror (especially horror-comedies) young and once I got started, I really hit the ground running so I’m not 100% positive on this, but I do *think* my first horror film that I actively got to pick out to rent/watch may have been Ghoulies? Going to the video rental store to pick out horror movies and snacks for the weekend was like a slumber party ritual in our home. I also have very early memories of the original The Fog and The Blob but I’m nearly positive Ghoulies was first. When I asked my parents they said it very likely could have been Ghoulies, but may also have been Creepshow.



So, I’m going to tie all three of these movies since I do not know which was first:
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Child’s Play
People Under the Stairs
I checked with my dad and he only caught me once when I was little watching things that I shouldn’t be watching from behind the couch. He said he just sent me to bed and that I was a very sneaky child and he did not seemed surprised that I did it more than once. Lmao. We also would go to Blockbuster and rented movies and bought candy every weekend.

What horror film was your first venture into the genre? 🙂 Do you have any questions of your own you’d like us to answer about our favorite genres: Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction?


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Welcome to our little blog of horrors, Sugar & Scream! If you're looking for a monstrously good time, rest assured, you've come to the right place. We're two best friends with a sisterhood forged in the Unholy Trinity that is Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction. When we're not busy devouring books, we're cooking up sinisterly scrumptious baked goods and other delights (and sometimes horrors) in our kitchens. Expect the unexpected, because we like to shake things up. Our blog is its own Frankenstein's Monster of our hobbies and passions all stitched together into one glorious abomination that encompasses everything from what we're reading and watching, to the hobbies we're working on, to our adventures in baking and plenty more!

9 thoughts on “What Horror Films Started It All?

  1. I’m pretty sure my dad gave zero shits about what we watched because he watched what he wanted to, no matter who was in the room. So, I remember being exposed to Terminator 2 when it first came out (I was 7), for instance. I really got into horror on my own in a way that creeped my PARENTS out when I started obsessively watching Interview with the Vampire. My mom threatened to burn my VHS tape (she was a little nutty then). I also remember when Scream came out and I got them to watch it with me, and that first scene in which the parents find Drew Barrymore strung up in the tree made my parents question what a weirdo I was, lol. Before all that, though, I had spent every single weekend at my friend Andrea’s house, and her mom would take us to this indie video rental place where you could get 6 movies for $6. We would load up on horror, and this is how we saw movies like Evil Dead and Sleepaway Camp, or the first time I saw Pet Sematary. Tommyknockers wasn’t a big hit with us, lol. We’d try to watch as many of those 6 movies as we could all night while eating chili dogs. Those were the days!

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  2. Haha my mom was the same way when I got really into reading about serial killers and true crime stuff. Then, she decided to see what I thought was so fascinating about it and read some for herself and told me she understood why I was so engrossed in it, and that it was really interesting. lol
    Omg the first time I watched Scream with my dad back in the day, he was slicing and eating a lemon and he held the knife firmly in his other hand but then suddenly acted like he was about to stab me and made a loud noise and I about had a heart attack. lol My parents were both really into scary pranks, so it’s no wonder I’m always so jumpy as an adult. 😛
    6 movies for $6, you can’t beat that! 🙂 Scream and I used to binge-watch scary movies and make “up all night drinks” out of ice cream and whatever other sugary ingredients we could get our hands on and then would always pass out after our sugar rush. I agree, those were the days!
    I’ve never actually seen the Tommyknockers. Sounds like I didn’t miss much skipping over that one, at least. 🙂
    – Sugar


  3. Some fang-tastic horror movies there my horror-tastic buddies, especially love The Fog and Creepshow. I believe the first spooky movie I ever watched was Friday the 13th part IV: The Final Chapter, I was about eleven at the time, I remember my parents not being huge fans of the horror genre, but my older brother was, so we’d sneak down at night to watch scary movies when they were asleep, been a life long fan of Jason ever since. 🙂

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    1. Nice! I would imagine sneaking down to watch scary movies while your parents were asleep would add an even bigger thrill to the experience, too! 🙂
      I really need to re-watch The Fog sometime since it’s been ages. Hope you get to watch plenty of good horror movies this October! 😀

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  4. My first introduction to horror was Eddies transformation scene in The Howling. It scared the shit out of my to the point where I had reoccurring nightmares for some time. But even though it scared me, it set me on a path of intrigue for the genre.

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  5. Peronally, I think Cat People (1942), Psycho, and the first Halloween pretty much started the main horror genre that we know by today’s standards. They weren’t the only horror films, but they’re the ones that revolutionized everything: Cat People had jump scares, Psycho is a slasher, and Halloween had an invincible serial killer in a franchise


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