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John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) Buddy Review

Do you like horror? Do you like science fiction? Well, John Carpenter’s The Thing from 1982 is probably right up your alley. 🙂
All hell breaks loose at an American research station in Antarctica as they are faced with a horrific alien creature that can take the shape of any living creature. This forces them to not only fight for their very survival, but also to have to try and determine who really is their friend or foe, since The Thing can take on the appearance of anyone.
1. Overall impression of the movie?
SCREAM: I never needed a reason to never to go Antarctica but now I have one anyway! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this movie. It has everything a girl could ask for; aliens, murder, insane practical effects and a jump scare that actually got my ass.
SUGAR: One of my all-time favorites. ❤ It does such an excellent job of blending bat shit insane practical effects and body horror with a very foreboding and suspenseful atmosphere to create a great, and really fun film.
2. Without venturing too far into spoiler territory, what were some of your favorite things about the movie?
SCREAM: Oh just about everything. I seriously have zero complaints that I can think of. The story was suburb, the acting was great and did I mention those practical effects? Yeah I did, but it bares repeating. 
SUGAR: I couldn’t agree more. There’s just so much about this film to love. I think it does a great job, too, of knowing when to go all out and when to pull back and let the uncertainty and the bleakness of a situation speak for itself. It has a great sense of restraint that some horror movies lack, where the situation itself can be just as terrifying even when the monster or alien aren’t on screen.
3. Your weapon(s) of choice for going up against a parasitic alien shapeshifter?
SCREAM: I’m not sure there is another answer besides flamethrower. I know a guy that makes them for fun. I can hook us up. *wink wink*
SUGAR: Hell yeah. Flamethrower weilding besties, coming to fuck up all the killer aliens.
4. Based off what you’ve seen in the film, would you read the 1938 John W. Campbell Jr. novella Who Goes There? or the 1951 film The Thing From Another World that came before it?
SCREAM: Hell yes, I would, to both.
SUGAR: Ooooh, future buddy read perhaps?? 😉 I would love to read the novella and to watch the old movie.
5. Would you recommend those who haven’t seen it yet, to give this movie a chance?
SCREAM: Yes and if you don’t, you’re a dumb dumb shitty head.
SUGAR: Absolutely, 100%. Check. This. Shit. Out. It’s great going into it the first time, especially the less you know about it, and it’s just as great to re-watch it a million times.
Have you seen John Carpenter’s The Thing? What are your thoughts on the film? What’s your favorite movies that blend science fiction and horror??

Published by sugarandscream

Welcome to our little blog of horrors, Sugar & Scream! If you're looking for a monstrously good time, rest assured, you've come to the right place. We're two best friends with a sisterhood forged in the Unholy Trinity that is Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction. When we're not busy devouring books, we're cooking up sinisterly scrumptious baked goods and other delights (and sometimes horrors) in our kitchens. Expect the unexpected, because we like to shake things up. Our blog is its own Frankenstein's Monster of our hobbies and passions all stitched together into one glorious abomination that encompasses everything from what we're reading and watching, to the hobbies we're working on, to our adventures in baking and plenty more!

9 thoughts on “John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) Buddy Review

  1. Oh, crap I’m pretty sure I HAVE seen this movie! Once you mentioned the practical special effects, I remembered. Everything looks so real. I think I’ve mentioned that I am really not a sci fi girl. I get too scared. All of it is about something going into your body, and that’s the stuff that scares me. Ever see The Ruins? That’s another one that freaks me out too much. Ugh, just stab me and get it over with. I think tonight I’m going to watch When a Stranger Calls (the remake). I watched the original because everyone said it was amazing, but it wasn’t even about the premise it’s sold on: there’s a babysitter, the kids are sleeping, a stranger calls and says, “Have you checked the children?” and the kids are gone. The original is much more crime/cop stuff. The remake is exactly what you want it to be. Is someone in the freaking house or not, and are the kids safe?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, the practical effects are definitely top notch and memorable. 🙂 I have not seen The Ruins but now I kind of want to. lol Not sure if Scream has seen it either. I remember the urban legend for that story, and I *think* I may have seen the remake of When a Stranger Calls, but it’s been quite a while. 🙂


      1. I first learned of the urban legend from a Scary Stories book. Did you also love those?? I used to “borrow” my cousin’s books. I’ve grown up to be more mannerly about how I procure books, but still love Scary Stories!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, we did actually enjoy it! We made a big thing of it and made sure that we went to see it in theaters together. Rob and I discussed recently that that was the last movie we saw in theater before the pandemic hit. -Scream


      3. I need to rewatch it. I remember enjoying it but being slightly annoyed that the characters were main teens. In the books, if I remember correctly, almost everyone is an adult, which lends an air of scariness because when an adult can’t fix the situation, something is wrong for sure!

        The last movie we saw before the pandemic hit was Onward, which I did enjoy!

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