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Aquarium of the Dead (2021) Buddy Movie Review

aquarium of the dead

Let’s be honest, you can probably guess from the title alone what kind of movie you’re in store for with this one. Still, when you combine our mutual love for marine biology and zombies, there was no way we were going to miss out on watching Aquarium of the Dead together. 🙂

When a scientific mishap unleashes a virus within the titular aquarium, it doesn’t take long for it to spread among the animal inhabitants. With their lives in jeopardy, the people inside must fight their way out or face becoming chum in the water.

1. Did this movie feed your zombie cravings or leave you underwhelmed?

SCREAM: Underwhelmed. You promise a girl zombie otters, you deliver zombie otters. There was so much potential for this to be good in a campy way and they just did not bring their game.

SUGAR: Agreed. Definitely underwhelmed. I can absolutely appreciate a movie that’s “so bad it’s good”, but this one just fell flat and wasn’t hitting the right notes to make it really fun like I’d been hoping for.

2. What did you think of the zombified marine life featured in the film?

SCREAM: The execution of the zombie creatures was very weak. The CGI was terrible and most of the time the animals just had white eyes to express their zombiness.

SUGAR: Yeah, the CGI was a big disappointment. Practical effects would have been way cooler, even if they weren’t the best, I still feel like it would have been a better option than the CGI loop of the animals we usually got.

3. Do you feel you’d have what it takes to take on the zombie sea critters and make it out of the aquarium alive?

SCREAM: Honestly, no. I feel like those zombie crabs would have got me. That’s a very hard shell to get through! Not to mention, finding the “brain” on some of the animals was difficult due to their different nervous systems. (Which was an aspect of the movie that I did really like. Again, so much potential!)

SUGAR: Those damn zombie crabs! Haha so many of the animals you’d *think* would have been dangerous as hell seemed really easy to avoid and sneak by, but those crabs were fast, and the starfish were sneaky, so I guess it would all depend on which animals I encountered while I was in there.

aquarium of the dead scene 2
4. Would you recommend Aquarium of the Dead to others?

SCREAM: Yes, ONLY if watching with friends. It was entertaining to make fun of the incredibly bad acting, poor CGI and reused scenes throughout the movie. The acting winner of the movie was the over-the-top marine biologist. I won’t forget her acting for a minute. Lol.

aquarium-of-the-dead scene 3

SUGAR: Yeah, I doubt I would have finished watching this one solo, but with friends it is fun to laugh over the absurdness of it, and to poke fun at it along the way, for sure. 🙂

Have you seen Aquarium of the Dead? If so, what did you think of it? What movies have you enjoyed so far in the New Year?

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2 thoughts on “Aquarium of the Dead (2021) Buddy Movie Review

  1. I never would have thought about having a hard time finding an animal’s brain, but yeah, those sea creatures have sneaky brains. I loved when Shudder would do a watch party on Twitter. They only did two, but for real, it was one of my favorite things about Shudder AND Twitter. This movie would have been a Shudder watch party hit.

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