Boulet Brothers’ Dragula Season 4 Tour


One week ago today, we had an absolute blast in Detroit where we indulged in some fine dining and drag. ❤ We got the chance to see some of our favorite drag artists as they put on an unforgettable show that celebrated all things drag, filth, horror, and glamour.


The tour featured none other than the Boulet Brothers themselves, as well as the reigning newly crowned Supermonster Dahli, along with the insanely talented Sigourney Beaver, Saint, and HoSo Terra Toma. It was a perfect lineup of performers and the whole show felt like one big party.


Between a Nosferatu beach party, Sexy Leatherface, bloody vampire shenanigans, crotch candy, a Creatures of the Night podcast-style Q&A session and everything else, there was never a dull moment.


If any of this sounds like your cup of poison–er, tea, be sure to check out The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula on Shudder, or even catch one of the few remaining shows on their US tour if you’re in the area. You won’t regret it! 😉


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15 thoughts on “Boulet Brothers’ Dragula Season 4 Tour

  1. I didn’t realize they would switch outfits in the same show. I mean, it looks like it takes hours to get ready. Did you get a pic of Dahli? I also didn’t realize that the top four people on Dragula would tour. If I knew that and I was on the show, I wouldn’t feel quite so obsessed with winning. Sure, the prize money is cool, but they also make money touring. The only season I haven’t seen is 1 because it’s not on Shudder for some bizarre reason. I will say, I’ve seen Vander Von Odd several times in different seasons, and holy shit is she spooky. Like, no moment of her, even when she goes to the desert to talk to the season 2 final three, is ever out of this spooky, other-worldly character.

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    1. Yeah, I think each of the top 4 had 3 different outfits (2 solo/1 for the Nosferatu Beach Party) and then the Boulets had different looks for their performances and hosting/Q&A as well. It was really impressive. 🙂
      We did get pics of Dahli! Scream could definitely text you some. It was tough to get good pics of Hoso too because of the lighting and quick movements they do, but everyone really did an amazing job performing. ❤
      Yeah, it was a great opportunity for the top 4 for sure to be able to tour. They had such a strong group of competitors for the show so we were so pumped to see them live.
      Season 1 I believe they are trying to get onto Shudder, it just had the weakest production quality since it was a lot like a pilot season. It was still fun though, and yes, Vander Von Odd is very creepy-cool! ❤ Aside from season 1, I've seen a few of their performances on Youtube and they definitely know how to entertain and mix things up! ^_^ So glad you got into Dragula too. It's such a fun show!


      1. Oh! I was going to add that I read something about HoSo saying the editing of season 4 made her sound like a diva because she needed help with some of her costumes, but that she asked for help, she didn’t demand it. And that butterfly/moth costume was actually too heavy to get back to Korea, which made me think, when did she go back to Korea?? Thus, I was surprised to hear you guys saw her in Detroit.


      2. They always blame the editing on any type of reality show, but I believe the Boulet Brothers called Hoso out themselves. So, that’s kind of like calling them liars. On the Boulet Brothers’ podcast recently they did say that Hoso has been fantastic on tour in regard to helping herself and others.

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      3. Nick and I are re-watching Season 4 after watching 2, 3, and Resurrection in order, and I have to say I don’t hate Merrie Cherry as much. I can see small moments when she really is playful and kind. I think perhaps the editing did done her wrong.

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      4. I feel like Merrie could have been really lovable if they weren’t such a shit starter. I’m not sure that rewatching it would change my opinion too much of her. I meant to rewatch it before the live show, but it just didn’t happen. James Majesty, Bitqch Pudding, Landon Cider are some of my favorites from previous seasons. (James is a BITCH but in a way I like for some reason. Lol.)


      5. Ahhhh, see I thought James Majesty was a b-hole just for the sake of it, but I liked Abhora cuz girl was really trying so hard! She did change throughout the season and was so rough to begin with. I also love Disasterina. Priscilla Chambers was my fav right off the bat in season 3 because I loved what she said off screen when they cut to asking contestants about stuff. Koco Caine could have a show and I would watch the hell out of that. I think after the season 4 reunion people really noticed her. I hate to say it, but even though Beaver is a great performer, I didn’t love most of her looks. She has the same silhouette, the same hair. She never looks too scary or gross.

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      6. I agree, not all of Sigourney’s looks worked but overall, I really love her. Some people prefer horror and glamour with less filth and I’m okay with that.
        Koko Caine should 100% have her own show! I love that she so viciously defended her friend. As I’ve said to Sugar before, “If you’re not willing to cut a bitch for your friend, are you even friends?”
        I found Abhora fake and whiney, personally. It felt like put upon drama to try to make people feel bad for her. I do like some of her looks though.


      7. I liked Abhora less on stage than backstage. She just reeked of someone who grew up poor and left behind in a trailer park, who was poorly socialized and was trying to come around, but it wouldn’t happen fast because a lifetime isn’t fixed in a few months.

        Sigourney’s personality I totally love, and I would love to see her perform, but as for the three tenets of Dragula, I felt she didn’t quite match (and I’m thinking of her hairy monster and mad scientist as examples).

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  2. My husband and I bought tickets to their show in Los Angeles earlier this month, but our car decided to give out on us that day and we didn’t make it😫 I was so bummed but I’m glad you covered your experience here! Awesome photos!


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