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Happy Shark Week!

As if we needed an excuse to watch and talk about shark movies, it’s now officially Shark Week, so you know we’re about to observe this holiest of weeks here on our blog. 😛

We know sharks aren’t the insatiable killing machines movies make them out to be, but with our love for all things horror, what’s a little blood in the water amongst friends? Pure, bloody and violent entertainment, that’s what! 😀 

If you’re looking for some shark movies to indulge in this Shark Week, here are our top suggestions:



Fin-tastically 90’s in all the best ways. You’ve got Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J, badass genetically altered Mako Sharks, gore galore, and creative kills. What more could you possibly ask for? Oh, what’s that? An original rap song and music video by LL Cool J with synchronized swimmers and a full orchestra, all from the perspective of the killer sharks, you say? Well, guess what? You get that too!

You’re welcome. 😉

47 METERS DOWN (2017)


If you didn’t already have a fear of cage diving, you just may after this movie. You know those days you have where every single thing just seems to go the hard way? Imagine that, but with hungry killer sharks who have way too good of an attention span and nothing better to do than to terrorize you while your oxygen tanks slowly run out. Fun times!



Determined shark vs. Determined Blake Lively. Seriously, to have even just a portion of these sharks’ attention spans. Also, bonus points for letting other wildlife get in on the fun of torturing humans in this one. 😛  

Soooo, what shark-related stuff will you be watching this Shark Week? We have our own bucket list–er, we mean chum bucket list, of our own that we’ll be sinking our teeth into this year.

Our Chum Bucket List:

All of Shark Week on Discovery+

Jaws (1975) 

We’re planning to do a buddy review for the granddaddy of killer shark movies later this week, so if you you want to join in on the fun, watch or re-watch Jaws this week and chat with us in the comments! ❤

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Welcome to our little blog of horrors, Sugar & Scream! If you're looking for a monstrously good time, rest assured, you've come to the right place. We're two best friends with a sisterhood forged in the Unholy Trinity that is Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction. When we're not busy devouring books, we're cooking up sinisterly scrumptious baked goods and other delights (and sometimes horrors) in our kitchens. Expect the unexpected, because we like to shake things up. Our blog is its own Frankenstein's Monster of our hobbies and passions all stitched together into one glorious abomination that encompasses everything from what we're reading and watching, to the hobbies we're working on, to our adventures in baking and plenty more!

4 thoughts on “Happy Shark Week!

  1. As much as I like LL Cool J, that was the dorkiest f-ing video! LOL. It brought me great cheer. 🤣 The video might have redeemed itself it there weren’t all the cables holding him up! Dude, CGI that crap out!

    I also am a fan of The Meg. It reminds me of that joke from Family Guy about Jaws and Bigger Jaws. But I haven’t seen The Shallows, so that one’s going on the list!

    I know there are a lot of silly shark movies out there, like House Shark and Avalanche Shark, etc. but really the only thing I need is a realistic enough looking creature. If it’s super cartoony, I’m out. If it’s realistic but also has a dinosaur butt and octopus legs, I’m in.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. One silly think I liked about The Meg is it has Jason Statham and a hot young (Asian) woman, but they never just randomly get it on in a steamy offshoot of what is otherwise an action/horror movie. I didn’t watch him for years because I couldn’t stand the trope of Statham fixes everything and somehow has hot sex with a woman who could be his daughter.

        Liked by 1 person

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