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Prey (2022) Buddy Review with Luke from ImperialRebelOrk


“The origin story of the Predator in the world of the Comanche Nation 300 years ago. Naru, a skilled female warrior, fights to protect her tribe against one of the first highly-evolved Predators to land on Earth.”

It’s always a treat to geek out with friends over awesome movies, so when I discovered that Luke from the Imperial Rebel Ork blog (IRO) and Fly on the Wall Podcast had watched and enjoyed the movie just as much as I (Sugar) had, I knew I wanted to pick his brain about it. And although our opinions on the supremacy of pancakes vs. waffles may differ, we stand united in our absolute enjoyment over this movie and how it “blew our expectations out of the stratosphere”, as Luke so perfectly put it. 🙂


1.) With Prey being the prequel to Predator, and taking place in the year 1719, it makes sense that this Predator we encounter in the film is a little bit different than what we’re used to. His tech and weaponry/armor aren’t quite where they eventually are in the other installments that take place in more modern times. Did you enjoy this element of the movie, and how do you think they did making you believe this was a predecessor predator (how’s that for a tongue twister?) compared to what we’re more accustomed to seeing?

IRO: I think the newly imagined version of the Predator is very much on point. Instead of the standard black helmet we’ve got a bone-like helm and instead of the signature plasmacaster we’ve got a guided projectile system. I think it’s the Predator’s equivalent to human tech in that century but still remaining somewhat more advanced. The overall look of the Predator is stripped back and almost primeval.

SUGAR: I agree! I loved the helm made out of bone and the design choices for his overall look and weaponry/gadgets. I was so happy that they found such a great balance in showing how this Predator was less technologically advanced compared to what we’re accustomed to seeing, BUT he was still a major threat to the humans and wildlife in the movie.


2.)  Director Dan Trachtenberg was very passionate about bringing the franchise back to its roots and bringing back the terror element from the original to Prey, all while adding some new excitement into the mix. Do you think he succeeded?
IRO: 100%. Dan is a fan of the original Predator and wanted it back, or revitalized, in a big way but by having a hand in the writing, as well as directing, the movie he was able to put his own unique spin on things.
SUGAR: Yeah, I was very impressed with his work bringing this installment to life in a way that was absolutely satisfying to the fans. I loved all the homages to the other movies and all the fresh ideas and originality that he peppered in along with it.
3.) Amber Midthunder takes on the role of the film’s protagonist Naru, a young Comanche woman eager to prove herself as a hunter amongst those in her tribe. How do you think she did portraying an opponent to the film’s feral Predator? Was she a character you found yourself rooting for and believing in?
IRO: Watching Midthunder very much took me back to watching the likes of Sigourney Weaver in Alien(s) and Jodi Foster in Silence of the Lambs. Great heroines who were not only battling a fearsome adversary but were also combating a male dominated environment. Not only did the character, Naru, have to fight the Predator but she was also fighting the age old stigma of women can only do certain things and can’t possibly do the things that men do. I think, in this current climate, a film like this only helps stamp home even more that women are just as capable as men.
SUGAR: So true! She was fantastic and I was very much rooting for her throughout the movie. I loved that she wasn’t willing to settle for societal expectations and did what she believed in, other people’s opinions be damned!
4.) What was it that you mostly enjoyed about this film, and how does it compare to other installments in the Predator franchise you’ve seen?
IRO: I very much enjoyed the unique setting and the barebones of the fighting. It was knives and arrows as opposed to bombs and machine guns. It was even more of an “against the odds” kind of story because of that fact. I think it was the perfect blend three amazing films, Apocalypto, The Revenant and Predator (’87). However, it still managed to remain very much in a class of its own.
SUGAR: Yeah, for sure! I absolutely loved it. It felt fresh and exciting but also very much like it belonged in the franchise. I also loved how respectful and authentic it was in the representation of the Comanche people. A fun bit of trivia that made me smile was that they cast a rescue dog for the role of Naru’s canine companion Sarii. Always love to see that. ❤
5.) The director has expressed interest in possibly making more films and exploring more storylines for the franchise later down the road. Based on how he did with Prey, would you want to watch another installment he worked on? 
IRO: Look, if it has the Predator in it, I’ll watch it BUT there’s always that concern that they’ll overwork it for the dollars and the creativity will end up suffering. However, if Dan the Man continues with his forward thinking and individual approach to writing, I think we could be looking at some great little Predator treats.
SUGAR: Haha agreed! 🙂 I was looking forward to seeing this but it definitely exceeded my expectations, so I’d definitely sign up to watch future installments.
This concludes our buddy review for Prey. Massive thanks to Luke (IRO) for joining in on the fun and providing such great conversation about the movie. Have you seen Prey yet? If so, we’d love to know your thoughts on the movie too! 

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11 thoughts on “Prey (2022) Buddy Review with Luke from ImperialRebelOrk

  1. This is terrible to admit, but I don’t think I’ve ever sat down and watched a Predator movie. I’ve seen bits with ol’ Arnie, and I’ve seen parts of the Predator vs Alien movie, but that’s it. I’ve said it before, but science fiction tends to really, really scare me more than straight horror. I mean, the chances of a virus or bug or weird animal inhabiting or eating my body is way more likely than a doll voodooing himself into me, or a guy in a hockey mask cutting me up with a machete. Between COVID and the huge increase in ticks and mosquitoes carrying viruses, I’m already plenty scared! I’m not sure if a movie like The Ruins is more sci-fi or horror, but even plants getting inside me is scary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it’s not terrible to admit, it only means you get to enjoy them for the very first time and enjoy the surprises/action without knowing what’s coming already! Sounds like a win to me. 😉 It’s been a while since I’ve seen them so I’m really due for a re-watch. And I can totally see what you mean about being freaked out about that kind of stuff. I can watch any horror movie but I cannot watch that show about parasites called “Monsters Inside Me”. That’s just a whole lot of NOPE from me!


  2. Is it weird to say I enjoyed reading this haha? I enjoyed your responses Sugar. I was only yesterday reading about the rescue dog. He had no film training but naturally followed Midthunder around so they just captured that. I couldn’t find out what happened to the dog after the movie was a wrap though. Thanks for linking my page and podcast too 😊👍🏼❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it’s not weird at all! Or if it is, we’re weird too at least! 😛 Thanks, I loved reading your answers as well. And you’re so welcome for the links. It was our pleasure, and we’re so happy you joined us for this buddy review! ❤ As for what happened to the dog (Coco) after the movie was finished filming, I just read an article that said: “She was adopted by a family who work in the entertainment industry, who had this opportunity for her, and she is loving her new life,” the shelter said in one update, calling it the “perfect fit” in another comment. “It is not known if Coco will do any more movies but she may have the chance in the future. We have seen people saying Coco won the ‘puppy lottery’ in some comments and that's the truth!” ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, thanks! ❤ I think you'll really enjoy it too! 😀
      Haha believe it or not, the battle of Pancakes vs. Waffles was actually pretty diplomatic, in a "lets agree to disagree" sort of way. Really, it was a win-win. More waffles for me, and more pancakes for Luke. 😛

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