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Bad Moon (1996) Horror Movie Buddy Review


Even though we got a bit of a late start with the Halloween horror movies this year, we couldn’t pass up reviewing a werewolf movie or two, so for this post we’re talking all about 1996’s Bad Moon, a werewolf movie where a man who is struggling to contain the beast within is quickly sussed out by the protective and loyal family dog Thor for what he truly is. The question is, will Thor’s owners recognize the monster living among them before it’s too late?

Fun Fact: This movie is based off the novel Thor by Wayne Smith, a book told from the POV of the family dog.


1.) Did you enjoy the movie?

SCREAM: I very much enjoyed this movie. It was such a different take on the werewolf story. Despite being released in 1996, I found it refreshing as I had never seen it before.

SUGAR: Heck yeah. It’d been a while since I’d seen it, but I remember this one being good and it did not disappoint revisiting it all these years later!


2.) Knowing that this movie is based off a book told from the family dog’s perspective, would you read that book? Do you think the movie did a good job conveying things from the dog’s point of view?

SCREAM: I would read that book and I thought the movie did a great job showing the story from the dog’s point of view. I was really skeptical how they were going to do that without it seeming cheesy, but they were successful.

SUGAR: Yeah, they do a really great job with it in the movie, and I would 100% read the book! It’s actually been on my TBR List for a while. Future buddy read mayhaps? πŸ˜‰


3.) What did you think of the effects in this movie, both practical and digital?

SCREAM: Practical effects were excellent. The digital effects were some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Lol. That was the one part that took me completely out of the movie.

SUGAR: Haha yeahhh, the CGI bit in the movie is laughable, which is a shame because it makes for a very, very bad transformation scene. That part aside, the practical effects hold up so well even after all this time. Still one of the best-looking werewolves I’ve seen in any horror movie to date.


4.) How does this film stack up against other werewolf movies you’ve seen before?

SCREAM: I thought this stacked up as an original idea and holds its own against other classics. Always trust your dog.

SUGAR: I second the “always trust your dog” line. The other night when my puppy Noi and I were outside with a flashlight for her to go potty she stopped and stood very still and let out a tiny growl that I hadn’t heard her do yet toward the wooded area on the back of our property, and I have seen enough werewolf movies to know it was time to scoop her up and hightail it back inside. I don’t think we have any werewolves in our neighborhood, but we do have coyotes and a very fat raccoon that has been hanging around, so we weren’t about to wait and see what was out there. πŸ˜› And yes, this werewolf movie definitely deserves more attention than what it’s gotten in the past.


5.) Would you recommend this to others, and why?

SCREAM: I would! If someone came to me and said, “Man, I’m so tired of crappy werewolf movies. What’s a guy got to do to see a good one these days?” I would say go back to 1996 and don’t count the one digital effects scene. πŸ˜‰

SUGAR: Haha so true! πŸ˜€

How’s your spooky movie viewing going this October? Have you seen Bad Moon already? If so, what did you think? What are some of your favorite werewolf movies?


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