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My Best Friend’s Exorcism – Buddy Movie Review

Your favorite cackling ghouls are back at another movie review and what’s better than two ghouls? THREE. Melanie from Grab the Lapels joins us again for a new round of demonic possession.

Teen best friends Abby and Gretchen grapple with an otherworldly demon that takes up residence in Gretchen’s body.

What are your thoughts on the casting?

Melanie: All the glossy 90’s slashers that I grew up with cast people around ten years older than the high school-age characters they were playing, so I often had a poor selse of self. Basically, I did not look like the people in movies, whether they were the hot girl or the good girl. In My Best Friend’s Exorcism, the actors are actually the same ages as their characters, and it shows. Teens look far younger than I assume because of that warped reality I grew up in, and I was happy to see their baby faces and pimples.

Sugar: I was pretty fine with the casting overall. No real complaints or anything. I was trying to figure out for a while why the girl who played Abby looked so familiar to me, and at first I assumed it was because she kind of reminded me a little of Maisie Williams, but then I finally realized it was because she was in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie from earlier this year.

Scream: I’m tired of a lot of Hollywood actors so I was happy to see faces I’ve never seen before. I enjoy fresh casting.

Were you scared watching the movie?

Melanie: No, I’m not afraid of demons largely because they’re always positioned as the opposite of the Christian (typically Catholic) church, and I’m not a Christian. I will say parasites are gross, but the CGI was juuuust off enough for me to be taken out of the moment.

Sugar: No, but I thought it was a fun horror movie though.

Scream: No. It’s almost impossible to scare me so this didn’t even come close.

There are some funny moments. Do you like horror that injects some humor?

Melanie: I see horror comedy and horror with comedy as totally different things. This is a horror comedy, so I’m expecting some gross-out moments, but the goal seems largely to make you laugh with your friends on the couch all while talking through the movie. Horror with comedy is more like The Terrifier, during which you are horrified the whole way through, and then the murderous clown kinda half-way flirts in a diner. Such meme-worthy moments.

Sugar: Yesssss!! Horror and Comedy are like a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Get the ratios all wrong and it’s a hot mess, but when you get it right it’s just chef’s kiss! This movie was definitely giving me Heathers meets Jennifer’s Body with a pinch of Evil Dead for some extra flavor vibes all the way through and I enjoyed it for that.

Scream: I like Melanie’s comparison of two different types of comedy and horror. I enjoy both. As much as I love a serious horror movie, I like a good laugh thrown in here and there as well. Art the Clown = love.

Did this movie accurately capture the 80’s or did it feel too modern?

Melanie: Well, it looked just like other popular horror set in the 80’s right now, namely Stranger Things and the updated, two-part film IT. I remember more spandex, slip-on shoes (way before Tom’s), and push-down socks. Also, why is it dudes never wear those beach pants my dad had back in the 80’s??

Sugar: I don’t think it felt too modern at all. I loved all the little references peppered in throughout the movie that made it feel like an 80’s movie. The technology, pop culture references, clothes, etc. all seemed accurate to me, but I wasn’t born until the tail-end of the 80’s so maybe I’m not the best expert on authenticity for that decade. lol

Scream: Needs more spandex!

If you had to exorcise a demon out of your BFF and religion wasn’t working, what things would you call on to get that demon out? (That last question has to do with the end when she’s saying things like, “By the power of jelly shoes, I command you!”)

Melanie: Honestly? It would just be horror movie trivia, cuz that’s all I got in my back pocket. Maybe some Metallica facts.

Sugar: Haha I love this question (and that part of the movie) so I’d say, “By the power of dark chocolate, books, coffee, fur baby snuggles, horror movies, and Halloween spookiness, I command you!”

Scream: “By the power of SHARKS, CORGIS, HUSKIES, ANIME, BAILEY, BAKED GOODS AND SUCCULENTS, I command you!” And then if that didn’t work, I would summon a demon to possess myself and join her in terrorizing the neighborhood.

Have you seen My Best Friend’s Exorcism? What did you think? How did it compare to the book? What would be your demon name?


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