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Sci-Fi Themed Pet Names

Nothing is better than naming your pets after some of your favorite things, whatever that might be. In our case, several of our animals have science fiction themed names. You’ve seen their cute little faces before but today, we discuss their name origins.

This adorable little demon child belongs to Sugar and her husband and her name is Noi. They named her after their favorite character from the anime Dorohedoro (Netflix). I’m currently only part way through this series myself but I would affirm wikipedia’s character description. She has a bold personality, tends to get herself into trouble and has a large appetite. (What puppy doesn’t do those last two things though?) Fun fact: Since her name is so close to the word ‘no’ her parents had to come up with alternative words to get her to stop doing bad things. I call her Little No No so I’m sure I’m not helping but the nickname just came naturally. πŸ˜‰

Up top is my girl, Samus. My husband and I tend to lean toward videogame names, and he thought of Metroid when we got her. When we went to adopt our boy on the bottom, his rescue name was Wrigley. Keeping with the Metroid theme, he was renamed Ridley, the boss in Metroid. Easy transition.

Do you have any sci-fi themed pet names in your family? What themes do you like best for pet names?


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8 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Themed Pet Names

      1. Ha, those rock! Maybe “Tater Tot” is a cousin of Potato LOL! I just imagine calling your pet at the park or something “Here, Chicken Nugget” or “Go get it, Sharkbait! (especially at the beach!). Great!


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