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Happy Holidays!

We hope your holiday season has been merry, scary and bright. This time of year can definitely be stressful, so hopefully you’ve managed to tackle any obstacles that have come your way, and are able to revel in the festivities. Hopefully your ears have not started bleeding from the constant stream of Christmas music blaringContinue reading “Happy Holidays!”

Mad Experiments in the Kitchen: Skull and Bone Cookies

What time is it?? Snickerdoodle-Cookies-Made-to-Look-Vaguely-Like-Human-Bones-Time! That’s right, Sugar & Scream proudly present our first baking post for our blog. When one finds brand new Wilton baking pans at the local thrift shop, they do not question it, they simply buy that shit up immediately. (And then they proceed to procrastinate for YEARS, before actually doingContinue reading “Mad Experiments in the Kitchen: Skull and Bone Cookies”